Sunday, September 25, 2011

Baby Grandmothers- s/t[1969]

The Swedes have had a penchant for heavy psych-rock since it's been a possibility, and Baby Grandmothers may have started the whole scene, which is a shame, because the scene's pretty derivative these days.
Baby Grandmothers supported The Jimi Hendrix Experience during their Scandinavian tour, and they sure deserved it. Vocals are minimal, but the instrumentals get pretty hairy. A little lo-fi, but it sounds great here.

The Millenium- Begin[1968]

Absolutely perfect psych-pop album. The definition of a "lost masterpiece".
This was the most expensive album Columbia records had produced to date, and you can really tell that no expense was spared.
"Prelude/To Claudia on a Thursday" might be the best way I've ever heard an album begin.
The tragedy: the album sold abysmally, and the band was never re-signed.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Neon Philharmonic- The Moth Confesses[1969]

Fantastically lush baroque pop with a vague operatic theme. The vocals are grandiose, but not what you'd expect from "a Phonograph Opera". It's basically excellent psych-pop if the effects and fuckery were replaced with orchestral instruments and a choir. Lyrics can be dumb at times, but are delivered well, and are earnest enough to not be a bad thing.